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Analyzing Brainwaves Data with Neuphony Desktop Application
June 24, 2023.
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With the Neuphony Desktop Application you can process brainwaves data from the Neuphony devices. It is an application for all the researchers and wellness centers where they get all the tools required to sumplify their research of to enchance the journey of the customers. Neuphony has launched recently the most awaited "Report Generation" feature in the desktop application where you will get a report after recording every session. You can download, print and share that with the client/customer and even add your notes to it as well. 


Packed with a range of powerful features, this application is designed to provide researchers and enthusiasts with valuable insights into cognitive health and neurological activity. Let's explore some of its standout features:

Import/Export .edf files: With Neuphony, you can effortlessly import and export .edf files. This functionality allows you to preview the data from previous sessions, enabling seamless integration with your existing research or analysis.

Via Cable/Bluetooth Connectivity: Neuphony offers flexible connectivity options. Whether you prefer a Bluetooth dongle or a type C-USB cable, you can easily connect your devices and begin exploring brainwave data.

Multiple Experiments: Researchers can rejoice as Neuphony supports a variety of experiments, including P300, MMN, and AEP. These experiments provide valuable insights into cognitive health and offer a deeper understanding of brain function.

Session Playback: Never miss a detail with Neuphony's session playback feature. By recording EEG data during sessions, you can revisit and review the recorded data for further analysis, ensuring accurate and comprehensive results.

Band Power Analysis: Neuphony empowers you to unravel neurological insights through band power analysis. This feature allows you to examine the power spectrum of brainwaves across different frequency bands, providing a deeper understanding of brain activity.

Real-Time EEG: Harnessing the power of EEG technology, Neuphony provides real-time monitoring of brainwave activity. This invaluable feature allows you to observe and analyze brainwave patterns across diverse brain regions as they happen, providing immediate feedback and insights.

Cognitive Insights: Neuphony's advanced algorithms unlock a treasure trove of cognitive insights. By analyzing brainwave data, the application provides valuable information on focus, stress, mood, vigilance, and mental fatigue. This comprehensive understanding of cognitive states opens up new avenues for research and personal development.

Task-Based Reports: Neuphony offers task-based reports, enabling you to leverage the power of EEG data for comprehensive analysis. These reports provide detailed information on brainwave activity during specific tasks or stimuli, offering a deeper understanding of cognitive processes.


This application works with both the Headband and the Flex Cap.


Device Fitment: How to Wear the Device Correctly

Properly wearing the device is crucial to ensure accurate data collection and reliable results. Follow these steps to correctly fit the device:

1. Start by loosening the strap on the device. Gently slide the device from the front of your head towards the desired position.

2. The reference electrodes are positioned just above and behind both of your ears. As you adjust the device, keep an eye on the sensor color changes. Once you observe a change in sensor color, it indicates that the reference electrodes are correctly placed.

3. The color displayed in the circles represents the quality of contact based on the impedance. It is essential to have a strong signal in most of the required sensor locations. Adjust the headset until you achieve a strong signal in the majority of the required sensor locations.

4. Pay special attention to the Fz and Pz sensors. These sensors are crucial for Neuphony protocols to provide accurate results. Ensure that these sensors are properly connected and have a strong signal.

5. Once the Fz and Pz sensors have been connected for at least 5 seconds, a "Continue" button will appear at the bottom. This indicates that the device is properly fitted, and you can proceed with your session.

By following these steps, you can ensure that the Neuphony device is worn correctly, allowing for optimal data collection and accurate analysis. Proper fitment of the device is essential to obtain reliable cognitive insights and make the most of your research or personal cognitive training sessions.

Working with data.


Frequency Analysis



Unlocking Cognitive Insights: Exploring Real-Time Analysis

Have you ever wondered how our brainwaves can provide insights into our cognitive states? The field of neuroscience has made remarkable strides in understanding the relationship between brain activity and mental states. One fascinating area of study is the analysis of cognitive insights based on real-time analysis. Let's delve into this intriguing concept and explore how specific brainwave patterns can shed light on various aspects of our cognition.

Working with insights


Relaxation Levels:
When we enter a state of relaxation, our brain exhibits distinct patterns. Increased alpha band power in the occipital region, located at the back of the head, is associated with relaxation. Additionally, a decrease in beta band power in the frontal region suggests a state of relaxation. By monitoring these patterns, real-time analysis can provide valuable insights into our relaxation levels.

Focus Levels:
Heightened focus is a sought-after mental state for many tasks. Real-time analysis reveals that increased beta band power in the frontal and parietal regions of the brain is indicative of heightened focus. Furthermore, a decrease in theta band activity in the prefrontal cortex suggests improved attention and focus. By measuring these patterns, cognitive insights can be derived regarding our focus levels.

Vigilance refers to a state of heightened alertness and attentiveness. Real-time analysis indicates that increased beta band power in the central and parietal regions of the brain suggests heightened vigilance. Moreover, a decrease in alpha band power in the occipital region correlates with improved vigilance. By monitoring these patterns, cognitive insights can be gained regarding our level of vigilance.

Mental Fatigue:
Mental fatigue can significantly impact cognitive performance. Real-time analysis allows us to identify brainwave patterns associated with mental fatigue. Increased theta band activity in the frontal and central regions indicates fatigue, while a decrease in beta band power in the parietal and occipital regions suggests fatigue-related cognitive impairment. By analyzing these patterns, cognitive insights can be gleaned about our mental fatigue levels.

Our mood plays a crucial role in our overall well-being. Real-time analysis can provide valuable information about our mood states. Increased alpha band power in the left prefrontal cortex is correlated with a positive mood. Conversely, decreased beta band power in the frontal region may indicate a negative mood state. By examining these patterns, cognitive insights can be obtained regarding our mood.

Posterior Dominant Rhythm (PDR):
The posterior dominant rhythm (PDR) is an alpha band rhythm prominently observed in the occipital region during relaxed wakefulness. It reflects the resting-state activity of the visual cortex. By analyzing PDR patterns, researchers and clinicians can gain insights into the baseline activity of the visual cortex, contributing to a better understanding of brain function and cognitive processes.

Real-time analysis of brainwave patterns offers a fascinating window into our cognitive states. By monitoring and interpreting specific frequency bands and brain regions, cognitive insights can be derived regarding relaxation levels, focus, vigilance, mental fatigue, mood, and even the baseline activity of the visual cortex. This valuable information opens up new avenues for research, clinical applications, and personal development.

As technology continues to advance, real-time analysis of brainwave data holds immense promise for a wide range of fields. From optimizing cognitive performance to understanding mental health conditions, the potential applications are vast. So, the next time you reflect on your mental state, remember that our brainwaves hold hidden treasures, waiting to be unraveled through the captivating world of cognitive insights based on real-time analysis.



Report generation feature of Neuphony Desktop Application

Here is a seamless procedure to update and generate reports using the Neuphony Desktop Application:

Step 1: Take your cursor to the top bar and click on the "Help" option. This can be easily located in the application's interface.


Step 2: Once the "Help" menu opens, click on the "Download & Install Updates Automatically" option. This ensures that you have the latest version of the application along with all upcoming updates.

The application will now begin downloading and installing the latest version.


Step 3: After the installation process is complete, you will be prompted to quit and reopen the application. This ensures that the changes and updates take effect, and you are now ready to use the new features.


Step 4: Record a session using the Neuphony Desktop Application. Once you have finished the session, locate the '⋯' icon within the application's interface.


Step 5: Click on the "Print Report" button to initiate the report generation process. Please be patient as it may take a few seconds for the report to load. Once loaded, you will be presented with a comprehensive report of your session, which can also be downloaded and printed.


Step 6: If desired, you can further enhance the report by adding your own notes, observations, or recommendations using the "Notes" button. After making the necessary additions, click on the "Preview" button to review the changes. Once satisfied, you can proceed to print the report.


With these simple steps, you can effortlessly update the Neuphony Desktop Application, record sessions, and generate detailed reports. The application's user-friendly interface and intuitive features make it a powerful tool for analyzing and documenting brainwave data. Start unlocking valuable insights and enhancing your cognitive research journey with Neuphony.