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Harness the Power of Websockets: Real-Time Data Processing with Naxon Explorer and Naxon Emotions
May 22, 2023.
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In the realm of neurotechnology, real-time data processing plays a crucial role in unlocking valuable insights and enabling groundbreaking applications. Naxon Labs is at the forefront of this innovation with its powerful tools, Naxon Explorer and Naxon Emotions. One key feature that sets these tools apart is the integration of websockets, which allows users to access and process data from Muse devices in real time. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of utilizing websockets and how they enhance the capabilities of Naxon Explorer and Naxon Emotions.


Real-Time Data at Your Fingertips

Websockets provide a seamless and efficient way to receive data updates instantaneously. By establishing a connection through the websocket link provided by Naxon Labs, users can access a wealth of real-time information directly from their Naxon Explorer or Naxon Emotions interface. Whether you're monitoring brainwave patterns, tracking emotional states, or analyzing cognitive responses, the websocket functionality ensures that you stay in sync with the latest data.


Take a look at the websocket connection in the Naxon Explorer screen:

Naxon Explorer Websocket


When you click in WebSocket link you will get this information:


Websocket Connection Link:
Subscribe to Recordings Channel:
Change Recording Status:
Play : {"command":"message","identifier":"{\"channel\":\"RecordingsChannel\",\"room\":\"RecordingsRoom\",\"session_id\":\"1624\"}","data":"{\"change_status\":\"start_recording\",\"action\":\"change_recording_status\"}"}

Pause : {"command":"message","identifier":"{\"channel\":\"RecordingsChannel\",\"room\":\"RecordingsRoom\",\"session_id\":\"1624\"}","data":"{\"change_status\":\"stop_recording\",\"action\":\"change_recording_status\"}"}

End : {"command":"message","identifier":"{\"channel\":\"RecordingsChannel\",\"room\":\"RecordingsRoom\",\"session_id\":\"1624\"}","data":"{\"change_status\":\"end_recording\",\"action\":\"change_recording_status\"}"}


Then, you can use the data you get in your user ID.


Unleashing the Potential

With the ability to access real-time data via websockets, the possibilities for applications and use cases become virtually limitless. Naxon Explorer and Naxon Emotions empower users to tap into this potential by processing the received data externally. By leveraging the websocket connection, you can integrate the data into your own applications, algorithms, or research projects, opening doors to personalized insights, advanced analytics, and novel neurotechnological solutions.


Sample Python Code

To help you get started, we can provide a sample Python code snippet that demonstrates how to interface with the websocket and extract data based on your user ID. This code can serve as a valuable starting point for building custom applications or integrating Naxon Labs' tools into existing workflows. Feel free to reach out at and start adapting and expanding upon it to suit your specific needs.


Seize the Opportunities

By harnessing the power of websockets, Naxon Explorer and Naxon Emotions empower users to unlock new frontiers in real-time data processing. This functionality allows for seamless integration with Muse devices, enabling you to delve deeper into the realms of brainwave analysis, emotion classification, and cognitive assessment. Together with Naxon Labs, we can explore and unleash the full potential of websockets, creating innovative applications and pushing the boundaries of neurotechnology.


Real-time streaming of EEG data offers numerous benefits and opens up exciting possibilities in various fields.


One key advantage is the ability to monitor and analyze brain activity as it happens, providing researchers and practitioners with immediate insights into cognitive states and emotional responses. By harnessing websockets and integrating them with Naxon Explorer and Naxon Emotions, users gain access to a wealth of real-time EEG data that can revolutionize their understanding and applications.

Within the domain of cognitive and brain science exploration, real-time EEG data streaming enables researchers to delve into the complexities of the human brain with unprecedented precision. They can capture and analyze brainwave patterns in real time, allowing for more accurate identification and classification of cognitive states, emotional responses, and neurological disorders. Researchers can explore the dynamic nature of brain activity, observe changes in real time, and make timely interventions or adjustments as needed. This capability opens up new avenues for studying brain function, improving mental health treatments, and advancing our understanding of the human mind.

Beyond research, streaming EEG data in real time holds significant potential in various practical applications. For example, in the field of brain-computer interfaces (BCIs), real-time data processing allows for seamless interaction between the human brain and external devices or systems. It enables individuals to control devices, such as prosthetics or virtual reality systems, using their brain signals in real time. This technology has transformative implications for individuals with motor impairments, offering them greater independence and improving their quality of life.

Moreover, real-time EEG data streaming finds utility in fields like gaming, education, and performance optimization. In gaming, it can enhance immersive experiences by adapting gameplay based on players' cognitive states and emotional responses. In education, it can facilitate personalized learning approaches by providing real-time feedback on students' engagement and cognitive load. In performance optimization, real-time EEG data can help athletes and professionals monitor their mental states during critical tasks, identify patterns of peak performance, and make data-driven adjustments to enhance their performance.

Example: Influencing brain activity through virtual reality environments


Websockets have revolutionized the way we interact with real-time data, and Naxon Explorer and Naxon Emotions embrace this technology to its fullest. The integration of websockets in these tools enables users to access and process data from Muse devices in real time, opening doors to endless possibilities for research, analysis, and application development. Embrace the power of websockets with Naxon Labs and embark on a journey of discovery, innovation, and breakthroughs in the world of neurotechnology.


Discover the true potential of real-time data processing with Naxon Explorer and Naxon Emotions. Unleash the power of websockets today!