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Measuring concentration watching Tesla Armor Glass Demo
July 31, 2022.
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Naxon Emotions platform consists of an emotion monitoring system that translates brain information into objective visual markers of states such as anxiety, relaxation, concentration, joy or sadness, among others.


We exposed several participants to different videos to measure concentration levels using Naxon Emotions.

In this video we show a real-time monitoring of a participant's brain waves and her exact level of concentration, while watching a video of Elon Musk in the Tesla Armor Glass Demo. The device we use at Naxon Labs uses wearable EEG technology, it sends brain data via Bluetooth to our cloud platform where it is processed. The results of the concentration levels are accentuated when Elon breaks the window, the conclusions are evident.


Naxon Emotions Brain Waves Raw Data

In the left hand side, at the bottom, are shown the raw data of the brain waves.

In the right hand side, at the bottom, you can see the concentration level coming from Naxon Emotions.


In the left hand side, at the top, the test participant shows a concentration level not exceeding the dotted line in the Naxon Emotions screen.

Naxon Emotions - Normal concentration level


When Elon Musk breaks the window the concentration level rises sharply.

Naxon Emotions - Higher Concentration Level


Two moments of high variation of brain data were found.

Naxon Emotions Results


This test was performed using the Muse II EEG device from Interaxon Inc.


Naxon Emotions can enhance objective patient records for diagnosis and treatment in mental health, allowing tracking patient evolution, remote monitoring and therapy, improve the implementation of techniques for the regulation of mental disorders and also allowing applications in various specific disorders.


You can start a free trial of Naxon Emotions in this link:


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