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Naxon BrainGym: enhancing mental faculties and improving people's quality of life
September 12, 2022.
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We have thought Naxon BrainGym as a physical place, an environment designed to enhance mental faculties in every way and improve people's quality of life.
The site consists of 3 "stations" each with a screen and a portable EEG headband. The persons choose the station, put on the headband and begin to exercise their brain by interacting with the personal computer or Tablet, choosing the exercise they want to do. There is a Neurotechnology consultant on site who is in charge of ensuring that the stations work correctly and advising clients if necessary.


Station 1: Exercise your concentration with Neurosky

Station 2: Lower your anxiety and relax with MuseBand

Station 3: Brain waves reading with Explorer



Why go to BrainGym?

By 2030, the main cause of disability according to the WHO will be mental health disorders, such as those caused by anxiety and high levels of stress.
In addition, the lack of concentration and therefore of learning increase day by day, often being a consequence of the first mentioned. These problems are increasing and have a direct impact on people's quality of life. Increasing sleep problems, low self-esteem, heart disease, eating disorders, obesity, low immunity, hypertension and chronic pain among many others.
A tool that has already been studied and validated to help improve people's brain/mental health is to perform various mental training exercises with objective feedback on their mental states such as their level of attention, relaxation and anxiety, among others. This objective feedback is provided through portable EEG technology, allowing the client to obtain reliable results from their brain training.


How is the place ?

The place consists of 3 stations, each station has a portable EEG device, headphones, a PC / Tablet and a chair to sit comfortably to exercise.


Can anyone go to exercise?

Yes, in addition to the innocuousness of the devices, being non-invasive and extremely comfortable, they can be used by anyone regardless of their physical and mental abilities, as long as they can remain seated and respond to simple exercises

Naxon BrainGym


How long is each exercise session?

The ideal is to take a break every 20 minutes and not exceed 60 minutes in total.


How do I know if I am using the equipment correctly and performing the exercises well?

For this, a Neurotechnology advisor will always be available, trained to answer questions about the technology, the exercises, the devices or any other doubt.


How do I know if I am improving my results?

The main objective is to maintain a healthy mind, for this it is simply necessary to exercise constantly. In any case, the exercises show your level of mental state in real time, being able to compare from one session to another.


Who needs mental gymnastics?

Although it can help people with stress, anxiety or attention deficit disorders improve, it is essential for all people to have a good quality of life.


Are the results the same as doing exercises without the wearable EEG straps?

No, the headbands provide the assurance that the exercise performed is leveling the mental state in question, without this objective feedback there is less chance of good results.


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