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Naxon Labs 2022: A Year of Achievements in Neurotechnology and Brain Computer Interfaces
January 25, 2023.
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2022 was a year of significant achievements for Naxon Labs in the field of Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) technology.


Naxon Labs collaborated with the Escola Politècnica Superior of Universitat de les Illes Balears (UIB) to develop a software application that combines Virtual Reality and EEG technologies to modulate emotional states using binaural waves and neurofeedback techniques. Iker López de Suso Sánchez, a Computer Science Engineer, developed the software application as part of his graduation work under the supervision of Dr. Francisco José Perales López and Dr. José María Buades Rubio. The collaboration between the university and Naxon Labs resulted in the signing of an agreement with exciting plans for 2023.


Fibras, an ecosystem of organizations in Uruguay that aims to create social impact through technology, had Naxon Labs joining as a founding member. On November 29th, 2021, Fibras officially became a Civil Association, with the goal of supporting and accelerating projects and ideas that generate social impact using technology as a platform.



Naxon Labs also introduced a new initiative called Naxon Fabulari, which aims to develop forms of communication and control for people with disabilities through BCI technology. The initiative uses a low-cost EEG device (Muse) that can detect facial movements to associate a pattern with a message or action, allowing individuals to communicate phrases or control external devices through gestures. ORT University students Diego Klappenbach, Mauricio Pastorino and Juan Ignacio Ruíz, who developed the project, were awarded by the National Academy of Engineering of Uruguay.


As a featured neurotechnology company, Naxon Labs attended the Campus Party in Punta del Este, part of the largest technology event in the world. The event, which took place from March 31st to April 2nd, 2022, brought together 9,000 people. Naxon Labs was present at the booth of Presenza, an ecosystem that aims to democratize access to psychotherapy and provides tools to psychologists and patients to grow according to their needs and preferences.

Naxon Labs participated in Brain Week in France, an international event that aims to raise public awareness of the importance of brain research. The event, which took place from March 14th to 20th, 2022, brought together researchers, doctors, and students to share advances in neuroscience research and present the challenges for the knowledge of the brain and its implications for society.

Looking for the most promising startups, Santander Universidades Uruguay selected Naxon Labs as one of the 3 finalists among the 10 bests in Uruguay in its category, qualifying to participate in the international instance in 2023.


The multi-sensor meditation device Muse S is supported by Naxon Explorer, a tool that provides real-time feedback about brain activity, heartbeat, breathing, and movement. The device seamlessly integrates with Naxon Explorer.

We brought Naxon Explorer and Muse to Saudi Arabia and verified the compatibility tests with the Muse S headband. The design of Muse S enables other scenarios of use compared to Muse I and Muse II, fitting better for sleep and sports management.


Naxon Labs launched Naxon Emotions, a tool that objectively measures and records a person's emotions and cognitive states in real-time and at low cost using portable electroencephalography (EEG) headbands. The tool is based on neurophysiological data from EEG, cloud computing, and AI, and it can be used to measure and record the state of concentration and alertness of a person.

Naxon Emotions

The application of Virtual Reality in Reminiscence therapy combining Naxon Labs products has been tested by research teams in the Department of Communication and Art of University of Aveiro in Portugal under the guidance of Rui Raposo.


A new initiative, Naxon BrainGym was introduced, which is a physical environment designed to enhance mental faculties and improve people's quality of life. The site consists of 3 stations, each with a screen and a portable EEG headband, where individuals can choose the exercise they want to do to exercise their brain.

The neurotechnology ecosystem around Naxon Labs is growing, with the company connecting with many stakeholders in the world to promote the use of neurotechnology in an easy and affordable way.


Naxon Labs announced a partnership with Neuphony to integrate neurotechnology products, bringing together the expertise of both companies to develop new solutions for the field of BCI technology.


Neurotechnology was showcased at the Test & Invest Business Summit in Punta del Este, which was organized by the Interamerican Development Bank. The event was an opportunity to demonstrate the Naxon Emotions tool, with the support of ANII (National Agency for Research and Innovation). Other initiatives in the field of neurotechnology were also featured, such as the Technology University UTEC showcasing student projects that used Open BCI technology to control toy cars with the mind. The goal of the event is to strengthen the country as a regional innovation hub, where new products can be tested, invested, and developed.


Naxon Labs had a successful year in 2022, with many significant achievements in the field of Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) technology and neurotechnology. From collaborating with universities and research institutions to launching new products and initiatives, Naxon Labs continues to drive innovation in this field and make it more accessible to a wider audience. The company's participation in events such as Brain Week in France and the Test & Invest Business Summit in Punta del Este further showcases the impact and potential of neurotechnology in various industries and sectors. With exciting plans for 2023, Naxon Labs is well on its way to becoming a leader in the field of neurotechnology and BCI technology.