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Naxon Labs and Neuphony announce partnership to integrate neurotechnology products
November 06, 2022.
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Naxon Labs and Neuphony will collaborate in the integration of their products. By developing an integration with Neuphony's devices, Naxon Labs will add technical features not included in currently compatible devices which have a reduced number of electrodes.



Naxon Labs works with portable EEG technology to obtain neuronal information based on brain waves and brings value through its products Naxon Explorer, Naxon Emotions and software tools for advanced functionalities. Naxon Explorer is a useful tool and neurofeedback system for professionals in the fields of Neuroscience, Psychology, Medicine, Engineering and Information Technology.

Integrating Neuphony’s EEG sessions data with Naxon Explorer you can visualize and analyze brain activity, with the incorporated features to organize projects, clients or participants, at the same time you can attach notes. 

Naxon Emotions platform will bring Neuphony users  an emotion monitoring system that translates brain information into objective visual markers of states such as anxiety, relaxation, concentration, joy or sadness, among others. It can enhance objective patient records for diagnosis and treatment in mental health, allowing tracking patient evolution, remote monitoring and therapy, improve the implementation of techniques for the regulation of mental disorders and also allowing applications in various specific disorders. 

The software tools for advanced functionalities developed by Naxon Labs will enable the use of the higher fidelity data provided by the eight electrodes included in Neuphony’s headband.

Neuphony EEG device brings an USB C Charging Port, 8 Dry EEG Sensors, is adjustable for different head sizes and has a power LED. It incorporates an accelerometer to find your right posture, has up to 8 hours of battery life (LiPo battery), the easily Detachable sensors that can also be purchased separately, and connects wirelessly to the application via BLE 4.2

"We want to continue opening to the world the possibilities of researching the brain while betting on innovation on what the major current technology leaders agree is the 21st century next frontier: neurotechnology, an area that combines applied neuroscience, wearable technology, BCI, Cybernetics, biosensor development, AI and machine learning" said the cognitive neuroscientist Leandro Castelluccio, MSc, Naxon Labs' CEO and Co-Founder.

Neuphony is helping many people with neurofeedback and Ria Rustagi, Neuphony’s CEO and Co-Founder, envisions a great future for the product and neurotechnology. "First of all, people should be aware and educated about this technology, because we don't know what we can do with this. And people should be using this like we use our smartwatch in daily life because we want to track our sleep and we want to track our steps. I want neurofeedback to be that technology at first. Secondly, I want to create a platform where people can come together and create something for neurofeedback. I feel that the people who are working in this domain are very less spread all across the world. I want everybody out there to be connected to help this growth, for the betterment of the people that are living because the brain is everything" said Ria Rustagi.

Through this partnership, Neuphony and Naxon Labs will collaborate beyond technical integrations, and will bring the products to the global market through their business development, marketing and sales activities.


About Neuphony by PankhTech

Neuphony was founded by Bhavya Madan(CTO) and Ria Rustagi (CEO) with a mission to revolutionize the field of brain health through neurofeedback and BCI technology.
The brain behind Neuphony, the one who has kept our team well-knitted from the back of the stage, our co-founder Bhavya Madan, with his knowledge in neuroscience and embedded systems has joined the dots between neurofeedback and meditation. He has done his Msc. in Embedded Systems from Germany.
Ria Rustagi is the CEO and the powerhouse of Neuphony. She pursued MSc. in Integrated Circuit Design from Singapore and Germany. With her entrepreneurship skills and larger-than-life ideology to bring a change in the society, she stands tall as a strong pillar and backbone of the company.
123, Block B, i-Thum, Sector 62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh – 201301 – India


About Naxon Labs

Under the framework of Brain-Computer Interfaces, Naxon Labs is a company that works with portable EEG technology for the development of practical tools and innovative applications for Medicine, Clinical Psychology (Neurofeedback), Educational Psychology, Sleep and Well-being, Brain Research, as well as mind-controlled hardware and software technology.
Naxon’s team of professionals in the areas of cognitive neuroscience, psychology, neurophysiology, medicine, computer engineering and information technology, are realistic and committed to down to earth products that solve current real issues, always betting on novelty and generating differential proposals.
Through Chevening Scholarships, Leandro Castelluccio (CEO) got his master in Cognitive Neuroscience in the University of Sussex, a leading research-intensive university located in Brighton, United Kingdom, where he got a lot of interest in leveraging information technology tools to have a better understanding of brain activity in patients. Currently Leandro also develops research activities at the Psychology School at Universidad Catolica del Uruguay where he got his bachelor's degree in psychology.