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Naxon Labs finalist in Santander X Accelerate Uruguay
November 02, 2022.
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Looking for the most promising startups, Santander Universidades Uruguay selected Naxon Labs as one of the 3 finalists among the 10 bests in Uruguay in its category, qualifying to participate in the international instance.


Between 30% and 50% of the population in developed countries have experienced acute episodes of anxiety and stress in the last year. And this has been aggravated during the pandemic period where anxiety and depression disorders are estimated to have increased by 25% globally. Along with this, labor absenteeism is reaching record figures close to 20%. Worse still, suicide attempts have grown 20 times over previous years. Naxon Labs offers new tool for emotion analysis.

Santander Universities Uruguay started the 2022 process of looking for the most promising startups. The objective is to help in their growth, offering them visibility, international exposure and mentoring by professionals related to the business.
In the Accelerate Category, Santander was looking for startups with a product or service on the market ready for acceleration. 

In an extremely competitive process, only the 10 best startups were selected to participate in the final with a jury made up of executives from Banco Santander and leaders of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Naxon Labs was selected as one of the finalist startups and Santander helped to prepare the presentation to impress the jury.

Naxon Labs received mentoring on innovation management, technology commercialization and entrepreneurship, by the Oxentia Foundation. The foundation belongs to the Global Innovation Consultant born as a division of Oxford University Innovation, transfer office of the University of Oxford.

Through this process, Naxon Labs presented the product Naxon Emotions and was selected in the 3 winners startups of Uruguay and qualified to join the international instance (Santander X Global Award).


Santader X - Naxon Emotions

Leandro Castelluccio, Naxon Labs CEO introducing Naxon Emotions to Santander X jury.


Naxon Emotions - Visualization Screen

Naxon Emotions main screen.


Naxon Emotions is a new system that offers the possibility of objectively visualizing, measuring and registering states such as anxiety, sadness, happiness, relaxation or concentration. And this is done in real time and wirelessly.
It only requires using a simple headband that takes brain data connected to the computer, a tablet or a cell phone. Emotions is being used by mental health professionals, clinics, private hospitals and consultants to diagnose, measure and intervene more efficiently and accurately in problems such as anxiety and depression.

Naxon Labs enables the use of the tool through low-cost equipment focused on mental health like the Muse devices from Interaxon Inc.

“Our technology has a potential that goes beyond mental health, as it is being used by human resources areas and companies that manage talent, as well as for product testing in the marketing area” said Leandro Castelluccio, CEO of Naxon Labs.

“The brain-computer interface represents one of the cutting-edge areas for innovation in the coming decades. Our work and vision for this field is based on democratizing, innovating and advancing the possibility of connecting the brain with the digital world” added Castelluccio.


Naxon Labs Team

Naxon Labs team.


Among the many applications of the platform, it can be used in neuromarketing and measurements of concentration and alertness.

Naxon Labs has been supported by ANII (National Agency for Research and Innovation), and Initium, the leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation center of the Universidad de Montevideo. Also, Naxon Labs is part of Fibras, an ecosystem where people, companies and organizations come together to support and accelerate projects and ideas using technology as a platform to generate social impact.


Naxon Labs Initium Universidad de Montevideo

Naxon Labs and Initium team.